Bayer's CONTOUR® USB Meter

Key Features

Bayer’s CONTOUR® USB blood glucose meter was launched in March 2010. Bayer’s CONTOUR USB meter was the first blood glucose meter with on-board GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe diabetes management software.

  • Bright, colour display so you can see more at a glance
  • AutoLog technology for intuitive marking of pre meal and post meal test results
  • Built-in USB connection for instant access to test patterns and trends
  • Storage capacity for 2,000 results on the meter
  • Fast, 5-second test time and tiny sample size (0.6 μl)
  • Accurate results with No Coding™ technology
  • Comes with Bayer’s GLUCOFACTS DELUXE diabetes management software
  • Uses Bayer CONTOUR test strips, available on prescription
METER RATING (185 ratings)
Amazing, never had a better blood testing meter, perfect for type 1 and type 2
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